Did it ever happen that you couldn’t stand a word or a phrase? Just don’t like the ring of it, or the associations?

Would it be nice to just replace all these expressions with things that we experience as more honest?

I googled this three minutes ago and, flash! there it was: I found a Firefox plugin today that does just that: FoxReplace. Works like a charm. There are options to auto replace on page load, replace HTML or URLs, and it comes with a mechanism to match any URL like “http://*| “.

Here are a few words that I am replacing in order to make my news websites digestible:

  • worker > slave
  • NRA > gun fanatics
  • growth > expansion at all costs
  • capitalism > planetary rape
  • banker > wanker
  • the system > the corrupt system

You get the idea. And because words have an aura and when we read them often enough, they shape our world, this could be a small but meaningful contribution in the fight against the system.

I think this is an awesome plugin ;-

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