WordPress 4.2
I just updated a multilingual multisite to Wordpress 4.2 - without opening my FTP-client, editing settings files, are even clicking away from the WP dashboard. It works just out of the box. Awesome! This is the first major Wordpress release of 2015. There are some noticeable improvements. What do I think about them? Changing themes directly ...
Good Tutorial on background video
While browsing airbnb.com I noticed the amazing background video they have there. It's concise, relevant to what their page is about, and distracts minimally from the Big Search Field. I looked into it for another project and it turns out, Airbnb does it by the book. Provide fallback .jpg image for mobile devices Provide .webm and ...
Flush Permalink Cache
I was working on some custom pagination functionality for Wordpress, and after much too long I found out you <em>have to flush the permalink cache</em>. Just go to Settings > Permalinks and click on "save" without making any changes. That's it. Check out Wordpress' great <pre>wp_rewrite</pre> class and endpoint functionality.
If you want to opt out of the licensing game altogether, UNLICENSE is probably the best option. Provide the UNLICENSE.TXT file with your creation and presto: you are in the Public Domain.
How not to program
Today, I tried to write some simple code to use #-tags in the wordpress backend. It should recognize the #tags, remove the #, add the tags to the post if they're not present yet and, if they don't yet exists, create those terms. I had to dig through a lot of wordpress API documentation, Stack ...